Ninety percent of fintech companies引用增强客户体验作为竞争优势的关键。而且61%的传统银行管理人员say that a customer-centric model is “very important,” only 17 percent also say they feel “very prepared.” Sound familiar? How prepared are you at meeting the increased customer expectations to fend off disruptors?



Open banking requires a keen focus on security, data management, API management, and数字经验一般来说。在最近的博客文章中,Microsoft轮廓three main areas that banks need to consider in their transformations:

  1. 如何确保数据质量?银行希望更有效地竞争和empower customers to easily access their data need to be able to have a consistent and uniform set of information across the entire hybrid IT landscape. Data management helps enable processes of data exchange to be secure, clean, in the right format, and meeting all requirements. Before exposing core banking systems and customer data, banks need to have proper data governance and data standards in place to comply with risk and compliance initiatives. Companies also need to eliminate data silos. Creating a data management layer that takes an all-in-one approach to managing data across the organization can help customers and partners access data from multiple sources quickly and securely.
  2. 您可以通过API提供对合作伙伴的安全访问吗?APIs are the fundamental technology behind open banking. They provide a scalable, secure mechanism for passing data and offer a common way to communicate via data-driven systems. To successfully use APIs, banks need a full lifecycle API management solution that handles everything from planning and design to implementation and testing to versioning and retirement of APIs.
  3. 你如何利用数据?现在银行拥有所有数据,有效地管理和访问合作伙伴,下一步是什么?这是真正的创新开始 - 可以以不同的方式完成,新产品或服务可以与该数据一起推向市场。

数据管理,API管理,数据集成,数据虚拟化 - 开放银行中涉及的所有技术都与数据相关。当您拥有任何可用数据时,数字转换和高级分析的机会出现。实时向客户提供。具有异常检测的欺诈检测。自动决策。开放银行开辟了更多的创新机会,为客户和合作伙伴提供更大的价值。



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